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Avast, ye scallywags

’tis Talk like a Pirate Day! If yer a lily-livered landlubber, it be helpin’ t’ tack on an “Arrr!” when ye first be talkin’.

Or, you can simply amass some pirate booty at the The Pirate Store. . .

PirateSupplyThe Captain’s Log, a limited edition journal | Flourishy Swordplay print | 826 Quarterly, Volume 14

Personally, I’m loving the Flourishy Swordsplay print. Good advice should you need to defend your library. 

Better yet, your purchase goes to support 826 Valencia. What’s this you say — you’ve not heard of 826 Valencia? Well, it’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages six to eighteen with their writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write . . .

Celebrating a frivolous holiday while aiding the authors of our future? Jolly good time, that.

Crafty like a fox

Don’t you just love these Reading Fox bookends . . .


{Reading Fox Bookends by Design Atelier Article}

I’m thinking they would add the perfect dash of whimsy to any bookshelf.

And let’s not forget the wisdom. After all, it’s hard to see a fox without thinking of his wise words . . .

‘Men have forgotten this truth,’ said the fox. ‘But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.’ Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

Whimsy + wisdom. What more could you want?

Penguin cover prints


{Penguin inspired giclee print from Paper Paper}

Seems especially true on a Monday morning, non?

But I digress . . .

It’s obvious why this print was inspired by the bright, clean lines of Penguin books; after all, Penguin knows a thing or two of design. Speaking of which, remember the gallery celebrating Penguin’s 75th birthday? The first few slides, especially, are a great look back in time at the publishing industry, ad campaigns, and overall design.

It’s also a good diversion. So, there’s that.

Gear bookends

Happen to know a gearhead, who also loves books? Perhaps you’re the very person. WELL, do I have something for you …

{Bookends--tumbled by sksullivan667, Etsy}

Custom bookends made from small transmission gears. What could be more perfect?

Of course, they’d be pretty great for the rest of us too. They’re funky, modern … dare I say, classy?!

Wall art for the literati

Ever wish you could take your favorite work of literature, frame it, and hang it upon the wall? Well, now you can.

Thanks to PosterText you can own satin-finish prints–each made up of the entire text of a book, artfully arranged to create an illustration. They’re modern; they’re elegant; they’re entirely too fabulous.

They’re also just starting out, which means the selection is small. But they have my favorite {The Count of Monte Cristo, naturally}

And they plan to add at least one new print each week. They also accept requests.

So get on it: order new a new print … or two … or three. Then, when all your friends begin to do the same you can say, “Postertext is your new find? Why, I’ve been a collector for quite some time…

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