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Personal library

I found the following picture online; but I cannot, for the life of me, find to whom it belongs. So I guess I will make it my own …

After all, there’s a lot to like about this cozy nook – the winding staircase, for one. I’m feeling some love for the wood floors and the collection of beautiful books. Brightly painted rooms and artwork are always welcome. And the pups is a nice touch. Of course, there’s much I would change too…

If the library was mine I would refinish the stairs; and refurnish the room. A person needs a comfy chair in which to read, wouldn’t you agree? The table seems to be sitting in an odd place and topped with things that do nothing to inspire me. And those particular pictures would have to go. Sorry, but it’s true. They’d be replaced with photos in sapia tones and fairy tale illustrations. As for the color, I’m not big on Pepto Bismol pink, but a burnt orange or a deep, dark red would do nicely. Add a matching rug and voila – perfection!

Not that I ask for much or anything.

Now, what about you? Could you, would you, or do you call this library home?

Library of imagination

Disclaimer: the information contained in this blog post may be more than you can handle. The library highlighted is so amazing your head may very well blow to the moon. Do proceed with caution.

Libraries are always full of imagination, only typically it’s relegated to words on a page or the mind of a reader. The imagination housed within a library rarely escapes in tactile form. Not so with Jay Walker’s library. Jay Walker – Internet entrepreneur and founder of Walker Digital – owns a private library that rivals the likes of Disney. 3,600 square feet. Three levels. Fine books. Myriad treasures. Just looking at the photos makes me giddy; after all, you just never know what you might happen upon …

Books bound in rubies? Check. Chandelier from James Bond’s Die Another Day? Check. Original Sputnik I satellite? Check. Thing hand from The Addams Family … grasping a box of prosthetic eyeballs? Check, Check.

Endless possibilities? Oh yes, most definitely!

Click here to read the full story at Wired Magazine.


Bookish hideaway

I’ve seen secret doors; library shelves that lead to a hidden nook or passageway. But what if that camouflaged gate lead to a magical library? Holly Black, co-author of the Spiderwick Chronicles, boasts that very thing. She admits it is the favorite part of her house. Can you blame her? Just think, one ordinary looking shelf leads to this …


and this …



Just try to tell me you aren’t a wee bit envious. Although, I must admit, it’s probably best my home does not contain such a magnificent disovery – for I fear the rest of my house would remain eerily quiet.

*Read more about Holly Black’s hidden library – and see more photos – at The Steampunk Home.

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