Yesterday was World Book Day, you know. Hopefully you caught a bit of the fun on Twitter—people of all ages and backgrounds were tweeting books. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Waterstones Oxford Street kindly posted the ‘handy spotters guide.’ Needless to say, I do believe the celebration should continue the whole weekend through.

To get us on our way, here are some bookish news items from the week:

India’s new comic book heroine fights rape.

Paul Beatty, Author of ‘The Sellout,’ on Finding Humor in Issues of Race (The New York Times).

Kazuo Ishiguro on Memory, Censorship and Why Proust is Overrated (Maddie Crum, The Huffington Post).

The Game of Thrones on Business, and other lessons from literature (The Guardian Books).  Disclaimer: I’ve not read the book. But my initial reaction: business is cutthroat enough without throwing The Game of Thrones in the mix. Egads!

Guidelines for Handling William Faulkner’s Drinking During Foreign Trips From the US State Department (1955) (Open Culture). Awesome.

The Book Thieves of London. Also awesome.

Astrid Tuttle Winegar gives us a Narnia-inspired recipe: mainly, A Faun’s Favorite Sugar Topped Cake.

There have been quite a few studies as of late that prove print books are better than eBooksThe Huffington Post kindly compiled a list.

Here’s a 1906 novel that imagined present day New York (The New Yorker).

Here’s the 2015 Scottish Children’s book award winners. Winners of the 2015 Scottish Children’s book awards have been announced.

And here’s a bargain: Ten Years in the Tub by Nick Hornby is half off, this week only (McSweeney’s).