Harper Lee Quote

I’m sure you’ve heard the news: Harper Lee is set to publish her second novel in July. At this point, the news is really no news at all, seeing how it’s been splashed everywhere, all week. First there was excitement—To Kill a Mockingbird will not be her only work after all. Then there was the speculation—she’s being coerced into publishing. I don’t know, but if she wasn’t manipulated, we better watch it, or she may recall why she wasn’t going to publish another book to begin with . . .

In other bookish news . . .

Livia Manera Sambuy looks back: The Journalist + Philip Roth (The Believer). Quite lovely, that.

Richard Lea warns: Big Brother is watching you e-read Mein Kampf. (The Guardian) In other words, if you think no one will ever know you’re reading whatever-it-is-your-reading-on-your-eReader, you might want to think again.

Anne Tyler will soon release her 20th novel, A Spool of Blue Thread. It may or may not be her last.

This book uses facial recognition to judge whether you deserve to read it. The pressure!

Workers at a Goodwill in Maine found a gun hidden in a “book.” Let this be a lesson: watch out for unusually heavy used books. They may be packing heat.

And Mr. Peter Koch wins the quote of the week, in speaking of CODEX 2015:

“We’re like a great group of friends,” says Mr. Koch. “For people who do what we do, this is sort of the Burning Man of books—with clothes.”