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Friday Field Notes 100314


Well, October has arrived–time to prepare for All Hallows’ Read. If you’re a Neil Gaiman fan, you’re well versed in this particular ‘holiday.’ If not, the premise is simple: the last week of the month, or on Halloween itself, give someone a scary book. That’s it. So simply and yet frightfully fun. And now you have at least 3 weeks to prepare.

Now, for bookish news from the week:

Welsh poet Dannie Abse, one of the judges of this year’s Forward Prize for poetry, has died. He was 91. You know, I’m rather particular where poetry is concerned. However, from the lines highlighted in The Telegraph, I feel the words of Abse must find a place on my bookshelf:

From Last Words:

“And how would I wish to go?
Not as in opera – that would offend –
nor like a blue-eyed cowboy shot and short of words,
but finger-tapping still our private morse, ‘…love you,’
before the last flowers and flies descend.”

Speaking of which, the winner of the 2014 Forward prize for best collection . . .

The finalists for the 2014 Kirkus Prize . . .

The National Book Foundation’s ‘5 under 35’ 2014 edition . . .

Of course, Nikesh Shukla argues book prizes are just more of the same. I don’t know; seems book prize judges have long leaned toward the same types of books, if nothing else. What do you think? Any one you’re certain should have at least been long/shortlisted for an award?

A new 007 novel is one the way. Anthony Horowitz will write the latest escapades of James Bond, based on an unpublished story by Ian Fleming.

Just for fun: a look at locations of literary importance in the San Francisco Bay area.



  1. So what’s your favourite scary book that you’ve read lately??

    • amelia

      5 October 2014 at 8:08 pm

      Ha! Yeah, I don’t really love scary . . . so the scariest thing I’ve read lately is Dracula. 🙂

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