“I see no one among the living as beautiful as my little wife.” -Poe in a letter to a friend-

On September 22, 1835 Edgar Allan Poe obtained a marriage license to wed Virginia Eliza Clemm. They were first cousins. The official ceremony took place the following May, at the boarding house in which they had stayed. He was twenty-seven, she thirteen (though records list her age as 21).

To most, it seems an odd union, at best.

Some argue they were more like brother and sister than husband and wife; others claim that was not at all the case.

Whatever their private life, correspondence and first hand accounts prove they were a devoted couple, from the day they married until Virginia’s death.

So here’s to Edgar Allan Poe and his Virginia–and eleven years of love and adoration, respect and inspiration . . .

800px-VirginiaValentine-A Valentine poem by Virginia Poe-