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Friday Field Notes 082214

Here’s hoping you find the perfect spot to read this weekend!

In case you’re unaware, now through August 31st, The Paris Review is hosting a contest in celebration of their joint-subscription deal with the London Review of Books. Simply read one or the other, snap a picture doing so, and post to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the appropriate handle + #ReadEverywhere hashtag. There are prizes.

In other bookish news . . .

How technology has changed crime fiction forever (the Huffington Post).

Lev Grossman on finding his voice: “I wrote fiction for 17 years before I found out I was a fantasy novelist” (The New Yorker).

And from Elle . . . 14 great female authors recommend their 41 favorite female authors.

Speaking of female authors, Italian author Elena Ferrante grants a rare interview to Vogue.

Chicago: reading the midwestern metropolis of American literature (The Guardian).

Looking to buy a remote little bookstore? Well, one just happens to be available in the UK . . .

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s memoir is finally set to be published–and “it’s certainly not the fantasized version we saw on ‘Little House on the Prairie’ the television show.” (abc news)

Remember last week when I wrote about the book art of Julia Strand? Well, this week I happened upon the ‘Book Surgeon.’ Perhaps you’re familiar. If not, do take a look . . .

Oh, and let’s not forget this little gem: To kill or not to kill all the lawyers, that is the question. (The Wall Street Journal)

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  1. I really really love that Lev Grossman article. I was reading his book on a plane once and a man from across the aisle struck up a conversation with me about how he went to school with Lev and his twin. See, books really do bring people together!

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