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The Balloon

Donald Barthelme was born on this day, April 7, 1931.

He grew up to become an American author, known for his postmodern short stories–many of which were published in The New Yorker.

As you might gather from the ‘postmodern’ bit, there are those who applaud his compact writing style, others think his writing a complete waste of space. If you’d care to decide for yourself, Jessamyn’s Donald Barthelme page is an excellent place to start. That’s where you’ll biographical information and literary criticism, as well as excerpts and full short stories, including The Balloon.

Already read The Balloon? Well, here’s a short film inspired by the tale . . .

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  1. I love that map! Especially as it highlights Cormac McCarthy for Texas and he heppans to be one of my favorites. Need to check out list of books for kids before they turn 10! I noticed the other day at the bookstore a 1000 books kids must read. Didn’t take the time to browse through it, though.

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