It was the first of March, in 1873, that E. Remington and Sons began production of the first practical typewriter. Known as the Sholes and Glidden Type-Writer it was the first to include uppercase letters via a shift key–and the first to allow users to type faster than they could write (days of fine penmanship, mind, so writing longhand was no small feat).

And so began the love affair between writer and typewriter.

To this day, some writers prefer to hone their craft on a typewriter–it’s almost a partnership, of sorts. Others prefer to keep them around for the romance and intrigue. After all, if those keys could speak, the stories they would tell . . . the secrets . . . the agony and defeat . . . the sweet utterings of love . . .

WhiteE.B. White, Underwood
sextonAnne Sexton, Royal Quiet Deluxe
FoxSinclair Lewis, Fox standard
hughesLangston Hughes, Remington portable #1
PlathSylvia Plath, Olivetti Lettera 32

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