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Friday Field Notes 021414


First things first: Happy Valentine’s Day! Now, lest you prepare to saddle up that high horse and exclaim your disdain for another ‘retail’ holiday, rest assured, it is not, in fact, a ‘Hallmark Holiday.’ It’s actually been around since the Middle Ages. Seems Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to link St. Valentine’s Day with romantic love when he penned The Parliament of Fowls (his fourteenth century poem).  In that, it’s a rather literary holiday. So here’s to you, and all there is to love (books, especially)  . . .

Ah, PD James . . . featured in The Millions’ Post-40 Bloomers series.

NASA is turning over a new leaf. Partnering with novelists, it plans to produce NASA-inspired Sci-Fi. Intriguing, non?

Hemingway, it seems, was something of a hoarder when it came to the written word. In the newly digitized collection from his farm outside Havana (now a part of the Hemingway Collection in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum), you’ll find: diaries, letters, lists, telegrams, insurance policies, bank statements, passports, tickets to bullfights and the Longchamp racecourse in Paris, a brochure from a swimming pool filter company, a page of his son Patrick’s homework and seemingly every Christmas card Hemingway ever received (The New York Times).

Lego Reenactments: Favorite moments in literature (The Huff Post).

An unpublished letter of J.R.R. Tolkien proves even fictional love is, on occasion, questioned.

Finally, Daniel Handler (otherwise known has Lemony Snicket) has just the quiz for such a day as today: Are you a romantic? Well, are you?

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  1. Those Lego re-enactments are more than I can take!

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