” . . . the few books this school had had–a Danielle Steele romance, the Lonely Planet Guide to Mongolia, and a few other backpacker castoffs–were so precious that they were kept under lock and key…to protect them from the children!”–Room to Read, the beginning

Remember the thrill of learning to read? There’s nothing quite so magical as the first time black squiggly lines turn to words, words stand in attention, and it all begins to make sense.  Just like that the world is ten times bigger.

Unfortunately, it’s an experience unknown to some 796 million people in the world today. You see, one in five adults cannot read road signs or food labels, let alone marvelous tales of daring adventure. They can’t jot a note or pen a letter to a friend.

Room to Read seeks to change that.

Since their beginning in 2000, they’ve:

Established 15,320 libraries

Published 887 books

Helped 22,408 Girls receive an education

Constructed 1,681 schools

And, our personal favorite, distributed 13,387,051 books

Not bad for little over a decade. To top it all off, they’ve proved themselves good stewards, earning their sixth consecutive charity navigator 4-star rating.

As if that weren’t enough, through the month of October they’re encouraging us to raise money for global literacy. Check out their Booktober page for news, event ideas, and free downloads.

Let’s see what we can do to adopt a project, host an event . . . share the magic, and change a life.