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Playing dress up

Colette ones said, There is nothing that gives more assurance than a mask.”  Perhaps that’s why writers and other creative sorts can be so good a dressing up. Perhaps it’s their chance to live lives only written about–or, perhaps, they simply work in the land of imagination and know how to have fun. Whatever the case, if you hang around them long enough, you’re sure to be inspired. Here are a few famous authors, in costume, to get you started (Fitzgerald slays me every time–and Twain, can you even?) . . .


{F. Scott Fitzgerald, promoting The Evil Eye at Princeton’s Triangle Club, 1916}


{Susan Sontag as . . . well . . . a teddy bear}


{Mark Twain and daughter Suzi as Leander and hero, 1890}


{Truman Capote as Christmas Present in John Dornés photo}


  1. This is hilarious!

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