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Weller Book Works:Sharing the Love

July being National Independent Retailers month and all, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite independent book sellers. So far we’ve talked Powell’s Books; next up . . .

Like any independent booksellers worth their salt, the owners + staff of Salt Lake City’s Weller Book Works love books–and they aren’t about to be stingy about it. They’re all about sharing the love. In fact, they’ve left a few (hundred) books lying about, all over the city.

It’s called Operation Book Drop— a clandestine operation wherein 878 books (donated by various publishers) are wrapped in one of seven custom Weller Book Works covers . . .

the-only-cure Weller Books

They’re left behind for anyone to find, all in an effort to promote a community of literacy.

The mission, should you choose to accept it: if you find a book, read it, and leave it for someone else . . .

Kinda makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn’t it?


  1. That’s so super cool and I love the covers

    • amelia

      8 July 2013 at 7:15 am

      Yeah, talk about Mission Impossible . . . finding one of those covers and then letting it go.

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