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Vincent Price’s First Trip Abroard


July 6, 1928 seventeen year old Vincent Price bid his parents goodbye and boarded a ship bound for Europe.  Before he left, he purchased a small, blue leather journal, with My Trip Abroad embossed in gold. In the flyleaf, he penned:

My first trip abroad will be, I hope, just a starter on a long life filled with voyages.
Though my travel line on my palm is long enough I am going to cheat it and travel more than my allowance. . . “Deo volente”
July 5 1928

Each day thereafter–from the day he left, to the day he returned (26 August 1928)–he wrote in his journal.

Today, that journal belongs to the private collection of Peter Fuller. And Fuller, on the urging of Price’s daughter, Victoria, is allowing us all a peek. He does so in the form of a real-time travel blog.  Within the posts of My First Trip Abroad | Vincent Price we can read Price’s entry for the day, view pictures of the era, and learn interesting asides.

Traveling back in time, we’ll visit The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and France. We’ll visit the sites of London, Pompeii, Florence, Rome, and Paris–1928 style.

Who knows? When all is said and done, we just might vow, as Price, to live a long life filled with voyages.


Thanks to Lizzy, of Redheaded Librarian, for introducing us to this site!


  1. Oh how cool – I am a big one for journal keeping and knowing that certain people were big journal keeping people makes me smile

    • amelia

      22 July 2013 at 7:14 am

      I know–journals are such wee time capsules. For that reason, I hope they never completely go out of style . . .

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