Marvel 1602

There’s been so much buzz lately around Neil Gaiman, what with the release (and rave reviews) of his book The Ocean at the End of the Lane and anticipated publication of the prologue to his highly popular graphic novel series Sandman.  And you know, particularly if you’ve been following me on my own blog, you can definitely count me among the many fans of his work.  

Written by Neil Gaiman, the title of Marvel 1602 is self evident.  Take your beloved Marvel characters–the Fantastic Four, X-Men, Spider Man, Daredevil–and place them in the year 1602.  What would a super hero be like, how would his / her powers translate and what would he / she be fighting?  Well, the Spanish Inquisition for one, which is seeking to eradicate all mutants, perversions of the Catholic faith.

Marvel 1602 leans a little more toward those who are comic book minded and enjoy reading about their favourite characters in a different setting and time period.  Part of the fun is figuring out what characters are who and seeing how their same personalities and character traits manifest themselves in Elizabethan times.  Honestly, it’s like a professional’s fan fic brought to life.  And who doesn’t wish that she had the literary superpowers to do that to her favourite characters or stories?

On the success of the first collection, Marvel 1602 has been developed into a full series with three sequels, written and illustrated by different authors and illustrators.  The end of the first book leaves you at a bit of a cliffhanger so naturally, pick up the rest of them if you want to find out what happens!