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Friday Field Notes 071913


Yeah, I’ve got nothin.’

Seems most of this week’s bookish news centered around Comic-Con (which is just depressing if you can’t be there to enjoy the frivolity), or the news that The Cuckoo’s Calling was not written by former Royal Military Police member Robert Galbraith after all, but J.K. Rowling. In regard to that last bit, I read “Richard Brooks, the Sunday Times’ arts editor, told NPR in a phone interview that ‘it was frankly too good for a book by an unknown first-time author.'”  I’m hoping that’s a misquote, because, really?

So, did I miss anything?

If not, perhaps we should make up our own bookish news . . . or, you know, share what we plan to read over the weekend and call it a day.


  1. I just spent 30 plus hours driving for vacation and occupied my time by LISTENING to several books. I listened to Corrie TenBoom’s ‘The Hiding Place’ and was delighted again by what an uplifting message of hope it contains. My first and only read of this book was when I was in Jr. High and the sole recall I had of it was that I liked it. If you have not had the pleasure of reading The Hiding Place, please do. It gives us faith in humanity despite our many flaws and gratitude for all that we have.

    Next on my list of books to read is ‘Mrs. Mike’. I also read this is Jr. High and remember liking it, too. So…that is what Im now on the hunt for!

    (The other books I listened to included : The Heist, by Janet Evanovich and ????. It had the same feel as Jeffery Archer’s book, “Not a Penny more, not a penny less’, but fell short if you were to compare the two. And the other book was my first taste of Nelson Demille. I started with ‘Plum Island’, the first in his John Corey series. Intriguing, gritty, and almost tediously detailed… I will continue to read the remainder of the series.)

    • amelia

      19 July 2013 at 5:03 pm

      I haven’t read The Hiding Place since . . . well, probably Junior High! I do remember loving it.

      I’ve been wondering about The Heist. Janet Evanovich is usually some good times–but I didn’t really love Wicked Business. So now I’m scared . . . 🙂

      And Nelson Demille . . . he sounds intriguing. Plum Island is going on my list!

      As for me, I’m hoping to start Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay. I’ve not read any of his, but I do so love Harlan Coben. I’ve heard Barclay is along the same lines.

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