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10 bookish questions for our newest member

The web is a funny thing. It reminds me a lot  of high school–there are the nerds and the cool kids; there are those who exist in that odd in between place. It’s a whole lot of crazy, really–but every once in awhile, you happen upon someone who makes it all worthwhile. Such was the case with Rooth. I met Rooth through her blog, A Miusmie. I loved her writing style; and when I first laid eyes on the stack of books she read one month, I was certain we’d be fast friends. Needless to say, when I nonchalantly asked if she’d ever consider writing for this little book blog I’ve been working on, and she agreed, I couldn’t have been happier. Though do be warned: she reads a wide variety of books, on a wide variety of topics. Your book wish list may be getting a whole lot longer. So without further ado, a little chat with the newest member of The Club . . .

Q1: What was the first book you ever read?

In true bibliophile fashion, I started reading at a young age so I can’t actually remember what the first book I ever read was.  What I do remember, however, is reading a lot and loving books like Caps for Sale, Little Black: A Pony and The Berenstain Bears

Q2: How many books do you typically read a month? 

I will typically read around 10 books a month – it’s madness.  I don’t sleep or get out much . . .

Q3: Have you ever missed an appointment, a conversation, or a bus top because you’re too engrossed in a book? 

I have seriously contemplated taking days off of work in order to finish a book.  It’s quite silly now that I think about it because I can’t even recall what those books were that were so ‘must finish’ at that point in time.

Q4: If you could interview any author, from any time, who would it be—and what would you ask him/her?

I’ve got loads of favourite authors and luckily, they’re others’ favourites as well.  I greatly admire the sheer power of China Mieville’s imagination; I’d love to spend ten minutes picking his brain about his story ideas and how he comes up with them.

Q5: Do you have a character crush? Do tell.

Oh boy. . . a character crush.  None really come to mind right now but it may be because I’m not digging as deep into my psyche.  Either that or I’m too embarrassed.  I can’t tell at the moment . . .

Q6: Where is your favourite reading spot?

Any oversized armchair is my favourite reading spot, but I have been known to read on the treadmill.  It’s probably not the safest reading spot and quite hilarious for others to see.

Q7: What’s your favourite book cover?

As quite evident from my recent reads, I’m on a graphic novRelish_byLucyKnisleyel kick right now.  One of my most favourite book covers at the moment is the cover of Relish by Lucy Knisley.  If you haven’t checked out her illustrations, especially if you like food, you must!

Q8: Do you judge people by what they read?

Definitely.  But secretly, in my head.

Q9:  What’s a book you’re embarrassed to admit you enjoyed?

Anything that falls into the pop psychology category.  I know it’s really stripping away the good stuff until you’re left with the shell of the psychological essence but I can’t help but get suckered into believing it.

Q10: If you were stranded on a desert island, and only had the company of two books to read, what would you hope they would be—and why?

Only two???  Then they would have to be The Hobbit and Good Omens.  One to keep me dreaming and one to keep me laughing.


  1. What kind words… and thank you for including me on this website!

  2. I knew you liked to read, but I had no idea. 10 books per month?! Color me impressed.

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