Have you read any of the Paris Review’s Interviews? They’re perfect for sorts such as we–lovers of words and the stories they tell.

I’ve yet to read them all, but I’ll tell you now, my appreciation for those who attained success as an author at an early age skims the surface. I read their interviews with awe, as one watching a magic trick. I’m intrigued, but I certainly cannot figure how it’s done.

No, it’s those who published later in life that hold my interest. Authors who lived a lifetime before finishing a work. Authors like PD James.

What about you?

With over 200 in The Art of Fiction alone, there’s bound to be something for everyone. I like to think of it as our way of studying amid a workshop of writers. Like artists of old, reading the words of those who’ve gone before, is our apprenticeship; it’s our way to learn from the masters . . .



Daily Drop cap courtesy of Jessica Hische