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Moby Dick (illustrated by Rockwell Kent–Kindle edition) | Rockwell Kent: The Art of the Bookplate

Happy Birthday to writer/illustrator Rockwell Kent (June 21, 1882–March 13, 1971). In honor of the occasion, it seems fitting we should take in a bit of nature, perhaps go on an adventure. At the very least, we should eat some chocolate cake. I’m a firm believer that chocolate pairs perfectly with your favorite book–so long as you don’t crumb the pages.

Before you venture forth, however, here are a few bookish things from the week . . .

The Algonquin Hotel has announced the Simon & Schuster Suite. Check out the perks . . .

The Bay Psalm book, the first book printed in {what is now} the United States, is on display in Philly

Alice Munro has announced her retirement; at 81, I suppose it was bound to happen sometime.

Did you hear about the kids in Montana who read to shelter animals? My heart!

No doubt you’ve heard Neil Gaiman’s latest book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, came out this week. It’s pretty big news, which means tweets and blog posts have run amok. But this animated interview–CAVNA’S CANVAS: Neil Gaiman’s transporting gift for the magical power of ‘place’–is a little something different.

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  1. I love this blog. I had never seen the C.S. Lewis quote in the sidebar. Did I mention how much I love this blog?

  2. I just found a Canterbury Tales illustrated by Rockwell Kent at a used bookstore in town. It’s lovely!!


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