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Friday field notes 060713


{Ah, those were the days, when the library pulled up to your front drive.}

For all intents and purposes it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Here in the city of trees, things are heating up, literally. That means we’ve no recourse but to find a shady spot, pour ourselves an ice cold beverage, and wile the hours away with a good book.

Okay, so there will probably be some yard work, errands–maybe even a little socializing thrown in for good measure. But I’d much rather focus on the books.

On that note, here are a few things that have been going around in the world of books . . .

The New Yorker’s Books to Watch Out For: June

And let’s not forget NPR’s Indie Booksellers Pick Summer’s Best Reads 

22 Books That Definitely Need to be Written {future summer reads, perhaps? Also, the one by James Joyce slays me!}

Tom Sharpe Dead: Best-Selling Comic Novelist Dies at 85

Meet Burma’s Lucky Bibliophile {thanks to The Millions Twitter feed for this one}

Lastly, do you know The Quite Shame of the Halfbook Reader? {Not I; I’m a good guilt-reader, myself!}

And because it’s Friday, and why would you work when you could be reading a tongue twister of a good tale? The Pernicious Perils of Peter Piper, P.I.


  1. That list of 22 books was SPOT on – thanks for sharing the links!

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