The Siobhan Dowd Trust is preparing to begin a pilot that will provide books to children, aged 11 to 13, who are being cared for by local authorities.

According to Alison Flood, of the UK’s Guardian:

Sixty children in 12 local authorities across the UK will be sent parcels of books including The Hobbit, Ian Serraillier’s story of three children’s search for their parents across war-torn Europe The Silver Sword, a manga version of Romeo and Juliet, Dowd’s own London Eye Mystery, in which a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome solves a mystery, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and Guinness World Records.

Dowd, an award-winning children’s author, created the trust three years ago, shortly before her death. The trust works to to “ensure that disadvantaged children and young people have access to books, experience the joy of reading and develop their literacy to safeguard their future.”

Now that, dear adventurers, is a legacy …