I’ve been a tad busy this week. I haven’t even had time to pick up a book. And that’s no a joke. It’s true … sad, but true.

So what does a girl who’s helter-skelter do when she has a few moments to spare? Why she dreams, of course. And right now I’m dreaming of one of these…

It’s a Bookbook by Twelve South – a hardback leather cases for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. If you read blogs at all, they’re no doubt nothing new to you. They’ve been around the blogosphere block several times. For that reason, I doubt Bookbooks can truly be construed as secure. Still, I love them. I love their vintage look and the fact that no two are exactly alike.


Of course, I don’t even own a Mac – so this purchase would be a tad more expensive for me. Pity.