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I found the following picture online; but I cannot, for the life of me, find to whom it belongs. So I guess I will make it my own …

After all, there’s a lot to like about this cozy nook – the winding staircase, for one. I’m feeling some love for the wood floors and the collection of beautiful books. Brightly painted rooms and artwork are always welcome. And the pups is a nice touch. Of course, there’s much I would change too…

If the library was mine I would refinish the stairs; and refurnish the room. A person needs a comfy chair in which to read, wouldn’t you agree? The table seems to be sitting in an odd place and topped with things that do nothing to inspire me. And those particular pictures would have to go. Sorry, but it’s true. They’d be replaced with photos in sapia tones and fairy tale illustrations. As for the color, I’m not big on Pepto Bismol pink, but a burnt orange or a deep, dark red would do nicely. Add a matching rug and voila – perfection!

Not that I ask for much or anything.

Now, what about you? Could you, would you, or do you call this library home?

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  1. Yes, with some changes, I would LOVE to call this home. I applaud most of your changes although would probably not include the dog……(sorry animal lovers). Just think, we could relax and read and have a "spot of tea".

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