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Welcome to The Bibliophile’s Adventurer’s Club – we’re glad you stopped by! So, what are we all about? For starters, we’re all things bookish – if it deals with books, or authors, or goes well with books or authors, it’s fair game. And we’re all about the intrigue. We love the stories of old books; strange bios of authors fascinate us; and libraries with hidden passageways make us giddy. We also adore chocolate. So there’s that . . . of course, we’re still getting settled–adding new content and what-not. Which means this is your chance. If you have ideas, or suggestions, send them our way.  You can reach us at bookadventurers{at}gmail{dot}com. With that, we invite you to kick back, grab a steaming cup of goodness, and see what’s in store . . .

*Daily Drop Cap courtesy of Jessica Hische.




  1. I love your site. However, I would like to see a list of YOUR favorite books…maybe other's as well.

    • amelia

      3 February 2010 at 2:39 pm

      Thanks! We do plan to have small reviews from various contributors. Of course, for the time being this is a work of love … so they must be squeezed in between full time jobs, school, projects, etc! 🙂 Personal lists would be kinda fun here, though … something ponder!

  2. I think your site is a good idea!I just read a good book called Walk Two Moons(first one to make me cry:( )

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