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Fairy tale illustration: John Bauer

Don’t you just love the illustrations of John Bauer? They bring the richness of fairy tales to life. And thanks to Art Passions we may easily access his work. Calendars and fine art prints are available for purchase. You can even send an email.

I’m thinking this image – “He found her in a Tree” – would be the perfect way to tell a special someone you’re glad you found her!


  1. oh, great link! had no idea they had it anywhere else than sweden. surprisingly they had lots and lots more than the museum itself! I had not seen that image above before. I Adore it!!

    • amelia

      12 February 2010 at 5:45 am

      I know! I was pretty excited! Although, I still have yet to find that picture that I found years ago … sigh.

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