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Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books

You’ve heard of Andrew Lang, yes? He is the Victorian era poet, literary critic and novelist best known for his twelve-volume Fairy books. With Scottish blood flowing through his veins, he had grown up reading classic fairy tales – dark, gritty stories – nothing like the Victorian fluff that became popular. So he decided to bring the classics back; they were an instant success.

It’s easy to see why. Even though the years have dulled their beauty, they still hint of magic …

If you happen to have an extra $2,000 or so lying about, you can purchase a copy all your own; if not, then you – like me – can simply visit Abe Books, and dream …

With that, here’s to Friday – may you find a marvelous weekend waiting in the wings!


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  1. I do love Andrew Lang. Love his Rainbow Fairy book.

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