My 7th grade English teacher, Mrs. Browne, advocated the love of children’s books. You should never be too old, she said, to read a good children’s book. Children, after all, know a thing or two about great storytelling – and great illustration. So every Friday afternoon, we’d lounge about and she would read us one of the titles from her personal collection. Being teenagers, I doubt we would admit outside the confines of the classroom, but we loved that wee story hour.

That being said, if your library is woefully lacking when it comes to literature of the youngish sort, there’s no better time than present to remedy the issue.

Might I recommend The Knave of Hearts by Louise Saunders (illustrated by none other than Maxfield Parrish); The Manhattan Rare Book Company just happens to have a near fine first edition …

P.S. – You can find a lovely reprint at Borders. See? Fun for the whole family!